27 September 2010


A further word from the editor

As some of you may already be aware, Peth's Staging Post, Edward's official website, has undergone some recent renovation and a veritable Petherbridgean feast awaits the cyber-visitor.

In particular, there is an all-new WIMSEYCALITIES section, an eclectic anthology of prose and verse. Highlights include a master class in the art of the short essay, fashioned as a 'thought-provoking' riposte to Will Self's Free-Thinking lecture; a brilliant pastiche of both Edith Sitwell and Dylan Thomas (with accompanying recordings); and an evocative reflection on the decline and rebirth of the music hall.

There is a fresh selection of audio clips to enjoy, including an exclusive unpublished excerpt from Edward's play Pillar Talk.

Further examples of Edward's art work have been added to the IMAGE GALLERY.

Coupler in The Relapse, National Theatre, 2001. Self-potrait.

And you can preview three new excerpts from Edward's forthcoming book SLIM CHANCES.

For the latest news, be sure to check the homepage news alert, which is regularly updated, or bookmark Edward's News Blog.

Stay tuned for this week's blog, which will be posted shortly.


1 comment:

  1. It started as a typical Monday morning so I turned to the Weekly Post for my dose of sanity.
    I took K.R.'s advice to check out the renovated Staging Post. What a tonic and workout for the brain and soul! Changed the day.
    I know I say this every week but thank you Mr.P.