09 October 2015


Edward’s newly renovated and updated website, still under the title Peth’s Staging Post, is now up and running. We hope you will enjoy exploring the site which comprises some familiar features and some brand new. Among the latter is a section devoted to the highly acclaimed production My Perfect Mind and a gallery of recent photographs taken by Edward. You can still purchase signed copies of Slim Chances (the original and NT50 editions) as well as the 4-CD audiobook, and contact Edward via the website.

The blog will now be an integral part of the website, so please make sure you bookmark Peths Staging Post on your web browser and subscribe to the blog in order to receive email alerts. All the historic posts can still be viewed on the new blog and you will also find today’s post which marks National Poetry Day in the UK.

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  1. Dear Mr. Petherbridge:
    I have recently discovered you via the "Lord Peter Wimsey" mysteries and have been trawling YouTube to find more bits of your performances --as prelude to finding the originals on DVD.
    I saw a video of you speaking at the NT 50th Anniversary referring to the British Library as a repository of almost everything on the British stage.
    Is you Guildernstern there? I know that would only be an audio tape.
    Was the original R&G Are Dead ever filmed? I would dearly love to see it.
    A new fan,
    Marta Varela
    New York, New York

  2. Dear Mr. Petherbridge;

    Greetings to you. My name is Michele Tauber and a mutual friend of ours, Carole Healey suggested that I write to you. I'm hoping you can help me?

    I am great admirer of your work as an actor, and I've seen you in many television and feature films. Thank you so much for all your wonderful work. You are a truly remarkable actor.

    The reason for my writing is I recently finished reading Charles Dicken's "David Copperfield." Of course I loved it, and of course I've seen many versions of the dramatized novel both as a film and a mini series. But none-the-less I have a few questions that I have been unable to answer for myself. I've tried reaching out to English teachers, but have had no satisfaction. I've tried reading all the supporting literature out there with the hope that my questions would be answered, but they haven't been. Carole Healey suggested I contact you, as you've performed in "David Cooperfield" several times and Carole thought your understanding and knowledge of the novel might be sufficient to help me. I hope so.

    I would also like to write too that I will understand if you're unable to get to my questions as you're just too busy or even that you don't have an answer sufficient enough for me. Any help from you would be most welcome.

    Here are my questions;

    1. Why does Dickens have James Steerforth sail his boat back to Yarmouth? He gives us no other information about Steerforth after he disappears with Emily, except the information that others tell us. This sailing in his boat to Yarmouth is odd. It's almost just this plot device for Dickens to kill him and Ham. But I wondered if Dickens is trying to show Steerforth to be attempting to redeem himself by returning to do something to make amends to the Peggoty Family? I just don't know as no information beyond him losing his life on his boat in the storm is provided.

    2. What are we supposed to interpret Emily's idea of becoming "A Lady," to mean? That Steerforth is going to marry her? It's also not clear to me if Emily comes back pregnant or not? I'm guessing no, since there never is any mention of any child, etc., however there is an odd passage or statement that Emily makes to Miss Dartle that led me to suspect she may have been pregnant and potentially lost the baby? Again it is just unclear.

    3. How does Uriah Heap know about Betsey Trotwood's ex-husband still being alive? Does he perhaps follow her around London spying on her? Or are there documents in the possession of the Law Office that show information about her husband's last known address, etc? As her business was handled by that office it would make sense that that information would be there, however it seems unlikely too, that that information would be something Betsey Trotwood would want known to anyone besides herself, unless she had been providing her ex-husband an annuity of sorts regularly and that it ran out after so many years? I realize she says or we are told that Betsey Trotwood "paid him off," (her ex-husband, that is), but perhaps she did not? Thus obtaining the covert information about him still being alive and is still pestering her for funds is most definitely something I don't believe she'd want to make known to anyone, least of all Uriah Heap??

    These are all my questions. Perhaps they aren't as difficult as I've been led to believe they are. At any rate, I cannot seem to get any answers to them and I would like to.

    Thank you for any help you can provide me with these questions. I do greatly appreciate your help!!! And again, I certainly understand if you are unable to respond.

    Michele Tauber
    927 Woodgate Avenue
    Long Branch, New Jersey 07740
    United States of America
    732-801-5044 - Cell/Mobile Phone