23 March 2015


          We’ll have Manhattan,
          The Bronx and Staten
          Island too.
Rodgers and Hart

As My Perfect Mind prepares to head to New York for a short summer season at 59E59 Theaters, Told by an Idiot have commissioned me to do a regular blog about my memories of New York and in anticipation of returning. Here is the inaugural film blog:


  1. What fantastic news! I was so unhappy that our time in London last August ended just before the first preview of MPM!
    New York has changed so much since the 80s, but I expect you know that, as London probably has too. I marvel at your company's energy, walking down to Battery Park and back... Thanks for the beautiful old images. We can still see the Empire State Bldg from our living room, until the monstrous new skyscraper turns from a giant hole in the ground to a glass behemoth in a couple of years.

  2. FYI, the Chagalls are still there, but have just been mortgaged to cover the enormous MET opera deficit...see The New Yorker's recent article on the debacle under Peter Gelb's managment...
    How odd you chose that scene from OTW, it's why we named our (aspiring actress) daughter Eva-Marie. Haunting to many of us who saw it as impressionable teens.
    Break a leg,
    D. L. Kung